Barbara Moser


About Barbara Moser


Barbara Moser has been practicing interior design since 1990 with
assignments in Germany, France and Italy. 


After successfully completing studies in interior architecture in Düsseldorf in 1989, Barbara initiated her career employed at innovative architectural firms in Germany. In 1994 Barbara launched moserinterior. Since then more than 100 residential and commercial projects can attest to her work. Barbara's range of projects includes many private homes, but also commercial spaces, shops and office buildings. 

The personal aspect on the approach to each project and its clients is as important as is the creative aspect of her work. Barbara's design philosophy is about respecting beauty and character of each building while optimizing it for her client's needs. 

Barbara absorbed my taste and wishes from our first meeting and regularly surprised me with how in tune to my own personality the solutions and design elements she found to the various challenges we encountered
— Heather Smith, Managing Editor at Bloomberg LP, New York

Through initial meetings with each prospective client, to understand their tastes and needs, Barbara develops a unique theme for each project. She envisions the interiors and each room to speak to this theme, while space, light, material and object become the language to express it. Her creativity is nurtured from references to art, culture, fashion and architectural heritage. 

Barbara communicates her design ideas via mood boards for discussion and approval. In the project implementation phase her focus is on creating a modern and efficient layout, a sensible choice of materials and passionate attention to details. 

Clients benefit from Barbara's proven experience in renovation projects and her ability to transform property value to a new level.